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Journal of Marketing Research, 46(3)

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Journal of Marketing Research 

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Marketing and Firm Value: Metrics, Methods, Findings, and Future Directions
Shuba Srinivasan, Dominique M Hanssens [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Commentaries and Rejoinder to "Marketing and Firm Value: Metrics, Methods, Findings, and Future Directions"
Michael D Kimbrough, Leigh Mcalister, Natalie Mizik, Robert Jacobson, Mark J Garmaise, Shuba Srinivasan, Dominique M Hanssens [Publisher]

Could Ralph Nader’s Entrance and Exit Have Helped Al Gore? The Impact of Decoy Dynamics on Consumer Choice
William Hedgcock, Akshay R Rao, Haipeng (Allan) Chen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Deciding Without Resources: Resource Depletion and Choice in Context
Anastasiya Pocheptsova, On Amir, Ravi Dhar, Roy F Baumeister [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Designing Sales Contests: Does the Prize Structure Matter?
Noah Lim, Michael J Ahearne, Sung H Ham [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Planned Versus Actual Betting in Sequential Gambles
Eduardo B Andrade, Ganesh Iyer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Fear and Loving in Las Vegas: Evolution, Emotion, and Persuasion
Vladas Griskevicius, Noah J Goldstein, Chad R Mortensen, Jill M Sundie, Robert B Cialdini, Douglas T Kenrick [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Wealth, Warmth, and Well-Being: Whether Happiness Is Relative or Absolute Depends on Whether It Is About Money, Acquisition, or Consumption
Christopher K Hsee, Yang Yang, Naihe Li, Luxi Shen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Assortment Size and Option Attractiveness in Consumer Choice Among Retailers
Alexander Chernev, Ryan Hamilton [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Differences in Perspective and the Influence of Charitable Appeals: When Imagining Oneself as the Victim Is Not Beneficial
Iris W Hung, Robert S Wyer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]