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Journal of Consumer Marketing, 26(3)

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Journal of Consumer Marketing 

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Unintended consequences of race-based segmentation strategies
Edith F. Davidson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Effects of country variables on young generation’s attitude towards American products: a multi-attribute perspective
Hsiu-Li Chen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The consumer-perceived value of non-traditional media: effects of brand reputation, appropriateness and expense
Micael Dahlén, Anton Granlund, Mikael Grenros [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Users’ motivations and attitude towards the online press
Carlos Flavián, Raquel Gurrea [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A comparison of brand personality and brand user-imagery congruence
Brian T. Parker [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Development and test of new dimensions of altruistic buying behavior
Raymond A. Hopkins, Thomas L. Powers [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Gender as a moderator of reciprocal consumer behavior
Natalia Kolyesnikova, Tim H. Dodd, James B. Wilcox [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The consumer inside: at its heart, all marketing speaks to human beings
Rick Ferguson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]