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International Business Review, 18(2)

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International Business Review 

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The effects of national culture on market orientation: Conceptual framework and research propositions
Ahmet H. Kirca, S. Tamer Cavusgil, G. Tomas M. Hult [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Regional determinants of inward FDI distribution in Poland
Agnieszka Chidlow, Laura Salciuviene, Stephen Young [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Do consumer expectations match experience? Predicting the influence of price and country of origin on perceptions of product quality
Roberta Veale, Pascale Quester [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Organizing foreign market activities: From entry mode choice to configuration decisions
Christian G. Asmussen, Gabriel R.G. Benito, Bent Petersen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The impact of corporate and national cultures on decentralization in multinational corporations
Christopher Williams, Sander van Triest [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Budgetary accounting and reporting practices in Bahraini governmental units: An empirical study
Sayel Ramadhan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Psychic distance in exporter–importer relationships: A grounded theory approach
Nathalie Prime, Claude Obadia, Irena Vida [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Iranian consumer animosity and U.S. products: A witch’s brew or elixir?
Mahmood Bahaee, Michael J. Pisani [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Book review

John H. Dunning and Sarianna M. Lundan, Multinational Enterprises and the Global Economy (2nd ed.), Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, UK (2008).
Seev Hirsch [Publisher] [Google Scholar]