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Journal of International Consumer Marketing, 21(3)

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Journal of International Consumer Marketing 

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Erdener Kaynak [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Western and Asian Models in Japanese Fashion Magazine Ads: The Relationship With Brand Origins and International Versus Domestic Magazines
Mariko Morimoto; Susan Chang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Role of Country of Manufacture in Consumers’ Attributions of Blame in an Ambiguous Product-Harm Crisis
Daniel Laufer; Kate Gillespie; David H. Silvera [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Aspects of Underlying Ramadan Consumption Patterns in Turkey
Yavuz Odabasi; Metin Argan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Stress, Coping, and Well-Being: A Study of Ethnic Differences Among Older Adults
Fon Sim Ong; George P. Moschis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Exploring Emotional-Eating Patterns in Different Cultures: Toward a Conceptual Framework Model
Harri T. Luomala; Lucie Sirieix; Rizwan Tahir [Publisher] [Google Scholar]