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Digital Product Management, Technology and Practice: Interdisciplinary Perspectives, Book edited by Troy J. Strader; Chapter proposal deadline 15 July 2009

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Proposal Submission Deadline: July 15, 2009
Full Chapter Submission Deadline: September 30, 2009

Digital Product Management, Technology and Practice: Interdisciplinary Perspectives

A book edited by Dr. Troy J. Strader
Drake University, USA

To be published by IGI Global:

This publication is part of the Advances in E-Business Research (AEBR) Book Series found at


Products that can be stored, produced, and disseminated in a digital form can be referred to as digital products. Digital products involve some combination of text, images, audio, video, and computer programs. They have unique advantages such as very low marginal costs for production, storage, and distribution, but also involve the disadvantage of increased opportunities for product piracy. Industries most associated with these products include newspapers, magazines, electronic books, music, movies, games, radio, and software developers. Excluded from this definition are digital services such as financial services, travel services, and career services. Increasing use of computer technologies and the Internet has created opportunities for developing and selling digital products through channels such as the Internet and the growth in these areas will continue for some time. This subject area is unique because it involves the convergence of digital technology with traditional industry practices that ultimately impacts consumers, businesses, and society.

Objective of the Book

This book’s mission is to present the current understanding of digital products from a wide range of technical, business, and social science perspectives. This book will focus on the unique characteristics of these products when compared with traditional physical products such as food, clothing, durable goods, and so forth. Management of traditional products has been studied for more than a century, but digital products are still a relatively new phenomenon. One objective is to provide summaries of existing research and presentation of new empirical studies of digital product characteristics and their impact on consumers and organizational decision makers to provide a basis for further research studies. A complementary objective is to provide practitioners with a source of information regarding the full spectrum of digital product management issues.

Target Audience

One potential audience includes business and social science researchers and students interested in the unique characteristics of digital products and their impact on business processes and other forms of societal interaction. Studies may incorporate unique theoretical perspectives and methodologies. Another potential audience is managers who are currently, or potentially, managing digital products in today’s competitive business environment.

Recommended topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Digital technology capabilities and limitations
  • The economics of digital products
  • Digital product development processes
  • Marketing digital products
  • Pricing digital products
  • Digital product strategy
  • Managing digital product supply chains
  • Digital product piracy and ethical issues
  • Digital product legal issues
  • Digital product financing and accounting issues
  • Digital product theoretical concepts and measures
  • Digital product empirical studies
  • Digital product management case studies
  • Future digital product technologies

Submission Procedure

Researchers and practitioners are invited to submit on or before July 15, 2009, a 2-3 page chapter proposal clearly explaining the mission and concerns of his or her proposed chapter. Authors of accepted proposals will be notified by July 31, 2009 about the status of their proposals and sent chapter guidelines. Full chapters are expected to be submitted by September 30, 2009. All submitted chapters will be reviewed on a double-blind review basis. Contributors may also be requested to serve as reviewers for this project.


This book is scheduled to be published by IGI Global (formerly Idea Group Inc.), publisher of the “Information Science Reference” (formerly Idea Group Reference), “Medical Information Science Reference” and “IGI Publishing” imprints. For additional information regarding the publisher, please visit This publication is anticipated to be released in the second half of 2010.

Important Dates

July 15, 2009: Proposal Submission Deadline
July 31, 2009: Notification of Acceptance
September 30, 2009: Full Chapter Submission
November 15, 2009: Review Results Returned
January 31, 2010: Final Chapter Submission

Inquiries and submissions can be forwarded electronically (Word document) or by mail to:

Dr. Troy J. Strader
5439 Cervantes Drive
Ames, IA 50014 USA
Tel.: (515) 296-1467