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Long Range Planning, 42(2)

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Long Range Planning 

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The Keys to Successful Acquisition Programmes
Sayan Chatterjee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Building Successful Strategic AlliancesStrategic Process and Analytical Tool for Selecting Partner Industries and Firms
Stevan R. Holmberg, Jeffrey L. Cummings [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Staying Close to the Core: Lessons from Studying the Costs of Unrelated Alliances in Spanish Banking
Nieves García-Casarejos, Nuria Alcalde-Fradejas, Manuel Espitia-Escuer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Organising R&D Projects to Profit From Innovation: Insights From Co-opetition
Bruno Cassiman, Maria Chiara Di Guardo, Giovanni Valentini [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Guide to the Future of Strategy?The History of Long Range Planning
Stephen Cummings, Urs Daellenbach [Publisher] [Google Scholar]