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International Marketing Review, 26(2)

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International Marketing Review 

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Capabilities and propensity for cooperative internationalization
César Camisón, Ana Villar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Marketing strategy antecedents of value adding by foreign subsidiaries
Anders Pehrsson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Brand identity documentation: a cross-national examination of identity standards manuals
Begoña Jordá-Albiñana, Olga Ampuero-Canellas, Natalia Vila, José Ignacio Rojas-Sola [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Role of satisfaction in an integrative model of brand loyalty: Evidence from China and South Korea
Hong-Youl Ha, Swinder Janda, Sang-Kyu Park [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Retail internationalisation from emerging markets: case study evidence from Chile
Constanza Bianchi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]