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Managing Service Quality, 19(2)

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Managing Service Quality 

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Does ISO 9000 certification affect consumer perceptions of the service provider?
Laura Martínez Caro, Jose Antonio Martínez García [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Monitoring service quality with residuals control charts
Joanne S. Utley, J. Gaylord May [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The impact of RFID on service organizations: a service profit chain perspective
Jeffery S. Smith, Lorraine Lee, Mark Gleim [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Demographic and cultural predictors of international service worker job satisfaction
Mark R. Testa, Stephen L. Mueller [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Determining the relative importance of critical factors in delivering service quality of banks: An application of dominance analysis in SERVQUAL model
Mukesh Kumar, Fong Tat Kee, Amat Taap Manshor [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Service quality effect on satisfaction and word of mouth in the health care industry
Ioannis E. Chaniotakis, Constantine Lymperopoulos [Publisher] [Google Scholar]