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Journal of Management Studies, 46(3)

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Journal of Management Studies 

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An Opportunity for Me? The Role of Resources in Opportunity Evaluation Decisions
J. Michael Haynie, Dean A. Shepherd, Jeffrey S. McMullen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Demand- and Supply-Side Agglomerations: Distinguishing between Fundamentally Different Manifestations of Geographic Concentration
Brian T. McCann, Timothy B. Folta [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Performance Effects of Business Groups in Russia
Saul Estrin, Svetlana Poukliakova, Daniel Shapiro [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Dynamic Capabilities, Government Policies, and Performance in Firms from Emerging Economies: Evidence from India and Pakistan
Omar R. Malik, Masaaki Kotabe [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Governance, Negotiations, and Alliance Dynamics: Explaining the Evolution of Relational Practice
Håvard Ness [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Application of External Knowledge: Organizational Conditions for Exploration and Exploitation
Paul E. Bierly III, Fariborz Damanpour, Michael D. Santoro [Publisher] [Google Scholar]


Introduction: Can We Bridge the Rigour–Relevance Gap?
Robin Fincham, Timothy Clark [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Why the Rigour–Relevance Gap in Management Research Is Unbridgeable
Alfred Kieser, Lars Leiner [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Bridging the Rigour–Relevance Gap in Management Research: It’s Already Happening!
Gerard P. Hodgkinson, Denise M. Rousseau [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Management Research and the New Logics of Discovery and Engagement
Ken Starkey, Armand Hatchuel, Sue Tempest [Publisher] [Google Scholar]