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International Journal of Electronic Commerce, 13(3)

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International Journal of Electronic Commerce 

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Editor’s Introduction
Vladimir Zwass, Editor-in-Chief [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Role of ERP Implementation in Enabling Digital Options: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis
Jahangir Karimi, Toni M. Somers, Anol Bhattacherjee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Increasing the Attractiveness of Mass Customization: The Role of Complementary On-line Services and Range of Options
Benedict G. C. Dellaert, Pratibha A. Dabholkar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Contrast and Assimilation Effects on Consumers’ Trust in Internet Companies
Katherine J. Stewart, Ross A. Malaga [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

On-line Reputation Systems: The Effects of Feedback Comments and Reactions on Building and Rebuilding Trust in On-line Auctions
Sonja Utz, Uwe Matzat, Chris Snijders [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Benchmarking-Based Requirement Analysis Methodology for Improving Web Sites
Min-Seok Pang, Woojong Suh, Jongho Kim, et al. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]