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Direct Marketing: An International Journal, 3(1)

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Direct Marketing: An International Journal 

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Effects of web site atmospherics on consumer responses: music and product presentation
Jung-Hwan Kim, Minjeong Kim, Sharron J. Lennon [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

External and internal trigger cues of impulse buying online
Sandy Dawson, Minjeong Kim [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How consumers value online personalization: a longitudinal experiment
Pauline de Pechpeyrou [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Examining beliefs and attitudes toward online advertising among Chinese consumers
Ying Wang, Shaojing Sun, Weizhen Lei, Mark Toncar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Influences on free samples usage within the luxury cosmetic market
Insaf Ben Amor, Francis Guilbert [Publisher] [Google Scholar]