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Journal of Vacation Marketing, 15(2)

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Journal of Vacation Marketing 

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Culinary tourism: Satisfaction with a culinary event utilizing importance-performance grid analysis
Sylvia Smith and Carol Costello [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Purchasing vacation packages through shop-at-home television programs: An analysis of consumers’ consumption motives
Gianfranco Walsh and Kevin P. Gwinner [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An examination of tourists’ attitudinal and behavioral loyalty: Comparison between domestic and international tourists
Panisa Mechinda, Sirivan Serirat, and Nak Gulid [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Mobile-mediated virtual experience in tourism: Concept, typology and applications
Martin Yongho Hyun, Seoki Lee, and Clark Hu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Taiwanese tourists’ perceptions of service quality on outbound guided package tours: A qualitative examination of the SERVQUAL dimensions
Jui-Chi Chang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Positive tourism image perceptions attract travellers — fact or fiction? The case of Beijing visitors to Macao
Glenn McCartney, Richard Butler, and Marion Bennett [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Book Review

Prison: Cultural Memory and Dark Tourism By Jacqueline Z. Wilson Peter Lang, New York, 2008; xii+256pp Hardback ISBN: 978–1–4331–0279–0 47.00, {pound}35.30, US$72.95
Philip R. Stone [Publisher] [Google Scholar]