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Journal of Consumer Policy, 32(1)

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Journal of Consumer Policy 

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Note from the Editors
Alan Mathios, Lucia Reisch, John Thøgersen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Obesity and Hyperbolic Discounting: Evidence and Implications
Robert L. Scharff [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Regulating Market Language: Market Failure in Descriptive Signals
Andrew E. Stivers [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Participation in Green Consumer Policies: Deliberative Democracy under Wrong Conditions?
Mikael Klintman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Exemptions to the Children’s Sleepwear Flammability Standards: A Description of Policy Considerations and an Evaluation of the Effects on Burn Injuries to Children
Gregory B. Rodgers, Patricia K. Adair [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

W. Douglas Evans and Gerald Hastings (Eds.). Public Health Branding: Applying Marketing for Social Change
Alan R. Andreasen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]