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International Small Business Journal, 27(2)

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International Small Business Journal 

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Exploring the Impact of Gender upon Women’s Business Ownership: Introduction
Susan Marlow, Colette Henry, and Sara Carter [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Perceived Financial Barriers and the Start-up Decision: An Econometric Analysis of Gender Differences Using GEM Data
Stephen Roper and Jonathan M. Scott [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Women Entrepreneurs: Jumping the Corporate Ship and Gaining New Wings
Nicola Patterson and Sharon Mavin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Female Entrepreneurial Networks and Networking Activity in Technology-based Ventures: An Exploratory Study
Alison Hampton, Sarah Cooper, and Pauric Mcgowan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Managing Maternity Fairly and Productively: Support for Small Employers
Julia Rouse and Natalie Sappleton [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Women and Home-based Entrepreneurship: Evidence from the United Kingdom
Piers Thompson, Dylan Jones-Evans, and Caleb Kwong [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Book Reviews

Robert Huggins and Hiro Izushi, Competing for Knowledge: Creating,Connecting, and Growing (Routledge Studies in Global Competition Series) Routledge: London, 2007. 220 pp. ISBN 978–041537–512–2, {pound}80 (hbk)
Shameen Prashantham [Publisher]

Pierre-Andre Julien, A Theory of Local Entrepreneurship in the Knowledge Economy. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 2007. 336 pp. ISBN 978–1–84720–388–5, {pound}75 (hbk), ISBN 978–1–84720–875–0 (electronic)
Einar Lier Madsen [Publisher]

Deniz Ucbasaran, Gry Agnete Alsos, Paul Westhead and Mike Wright, `Habitual Entrepreneurs’, Foundations and Trends(R) in Entrepreneurship 4(4): 309–450. Boston, MA: NOW Publishers, 2008. 156pp. ISBN 978–1–60198–112–7, {pound}75 (pbk)
Peter Rosa [Publisher]