Unilever/ICI Research Fund


Unilever offers a grant in the areas of collaborative differentiation, demand-driven integrated supply chain management and joint shopper value creation; Deadline 30 Apr 2009

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Unilever – ICI Research Fund

Working Together to Fulfil Consumer Wishes Better, Faster and at Less Cost

The ECR ("Efficient Consumer Response") movement effectively began in the mid-nineties and was characterised by the emergence of new principles of collaborative management along the supply chain. It was understood that companies can serve consumers better, faster and at less cost by working together with trading partners.

The International Commerce Institute of ECR Europe is the link between global thought leaders in academia, retailing and the Consumer Goods business worldwide. The institute’s main activities include the funding of research in the Consumer Goods business, the publication of research findings and articles from both academic and business thought leaders as well as the dissemination of this thought leadership through executive development programmes in partnership with reputed academic institutions.

The International Commerce Institute and Unilever are pleased to announce that Unilever will donate an annual research grant to support the mission of the Institute. The Unilever grant is aimed at furthering academic and industry knowledge in the areas of

  • Collaborative Differentiation
  • Demand-driven Integrated Supply Chain Management
  • Joint Shopper Value Creation

Academics and business schools, able to conduct and deliver breakthrough research in any of the above-mentioned areas and seeking financial support, are hereby invited to apply for research funds made available by this Unilever grant. Further information can be obtained at: www.ecr-institute.org.

Online Application Process

A selection process of the applications will take place based on the following criteria:

  1. Uniqueness, innovativeness of the topic
  2. Level of contribution to better understanding shopper and shopping value (usefulness)
  3. Level of contribution to ECR principles as outline above
  4. Feasibility of implementing the findings

A selection committee, consisting of academics as well as management of both Unilever and the

Institute will allocate funds as deemed appropriate. Participants agree that findings of this research may be published by the International Commerce Institute of ECR Europe clearly identifying its author.

Interested? Then kindly fill in the online application form which you will find at the institute’s homepage before April 30th, 2009.

Prof. Dr. Arnd Huchzermeier
WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management

Nigel Bagley
Unilever N. V.