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There has been a governance structure transition at the Journal of Consumer Research

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To all ELMAR Members…. as AMA’s representative to the Policy Board of the Journal of Consumer Research, I wanted to pass on this announcement that was emailed today to all JCR subscribers…


Governance Structure Transition at the Journal of Consumer Research

Over the past year, the JCR Policy Board has explored new governance structures in response to steady and significant annual increases in manuscript submissions to the Journal. This heavy manuscript load is beginning to create an unsustainable workload for a single editor, who also has other professional responsibilities outside of his/her editorial role. Earlier this month, the Policy Board met and approved a new transitional governance structure. John Deighton has requested permission to appoint three Editors to work with him: Deborah MacInnis, Ann McGill, and Baba Shiv. The Policy Board unanimously approved this proposal and the appointment of Debbie, Ann, and Baba. John will now serve as Editor-in-Chief for the duration of his term, and Debbie, Ann, and Baba will serve with him.

Please see John’s Editorial on the JCR website (http://ejcr.org/governance.html) for details of how this will work. Essential highlights are that the Editors will be assigned manuscripts by John and will handle the choice of Associate Editors and reviewers and will make editorial decisions. John will retain ownership of revisions that are in process; new manuscripts will be divided equally among the Editor-in-Chief and the three Editors. Moreover, John’s responsibility is to ensure uniformity of standards so that the journal will continue as a single interdisciplinary journal and not a collection of sections.

All parties were in agreement that at the end of John Deighton’s term, the policy board will conduct a full and open search for the next Editor-in-Chief, and will at that time decide on a new, more permanent governance structure. We also wish to allay any concerns among potential candidates for the upcoming editorship that the newly appointed editors would have an inside track. The board is committed to attracting the broadest possible candidate pool when we open that search next year, to allow JCR to retain its position as the foremost interdisciplinary journal devoted to the study of consumer behavior.

We are grateful to Debbie, Ann, and Baba for their willingness to take on this vital service to the field and to John Deighton for his continued stewardship of the journal.

Chris Janiszewski, AMA Representative
Journal of Consumer Research Policy Board