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Journal of Medical Marketing, 9(1)

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Journal of Medical Marketing 

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Progress in times of change
Brian D Smith Editor [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Professional emotions and persuasion: Tapping non-rational drivers in health-care market research
Donna Kelly and Edwin Rupert [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An exploratory study of the make-or-buy decisions in pharmaceutical sales
Beth Rogers [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Urban senior citizens’ versus rural consumers’ views of DTC advertising: A preliminary investigation
Deborah F Spake, Mathew Joseph and R Zachary Finney [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A new paradigm for developing bio/pharmaceutical positioning strategy
Sanjay K Rao [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Outsourcing services in the healthcare sector
William K Foxx, Michele D Bunn and Valarie McCay [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Beyond content analysis: Assessing fair balance in DTC pharmaceutical advertising
Joel J Davis and Aimee Meader [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Ethical corporate social responsibility (CSR) and the pharmaceutical industry: A happy couple?
Alexander (Sascha) K Nussbaum [Publisher] [Google Scholar]