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Experimental Economics, 12(1)

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Experimental Economics 

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An experimental analysis of cooperation and productivity in the trust game
Cary Deck [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Do people plan?
John Bone, John D. Hey, John Suckling [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Group polarization in the team dictator game reconsidered
Wolfgang J. Luhan, Martin G. Kocher, Matthias Sutter [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A comparison of first price multi-object auctions
Katerina Sherstyuk [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Re-matching, information and sequencing effects in posted offer markets
Douglas Davis, Oleg Korenok, Robert Reilly [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Measuring conditional cooperation: a replication study in Russia
Benedikt Herrmann, Christian Thöni [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Are women expected to be more generous?
Fernando Aguiar, Pablo Brañas-Garza, Ramón Cobo-Reyes, Natalia Jimenez, Luis M. Miller [Publisher] [Google Scholar]