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Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing, 26(1)

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Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing 

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Fame Is Not Always a Positive Asset for Heritage Equity! Some Clues from Buying Intentions of National Tourists
Christine Petr [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An Initial Investigation of Integrating Innovation Diffusion Models for Drawing First-time Visitors
Her-Sen Doong; Rob Law; Hui-Chih Wang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Importance-Performance and Segmentation: An Application at a Biosphere Reserve in Vietnam
Jerry J. Vaske; Rachel Kiriakos; Stuart P. Cottrell; Mai Ngoc Khuong [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Prospects for Latin America and Caribbean Region in the Global Market for International Tourism: A Projection to the Year 2020
Philemon Oyewole [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Using a Validation Process to Develop Market Segmentation Based on Travel Motivation for Major Metropolitan Areas
Soyoung Boo; David L. Jones [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Travel Arrangements and the Distribution Behaviour of New Zealand Outbound Travelers
Douglas G. Pearce; Laurel Reid; Christian Schott [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Hero as Traveler, The Traveler as Hero
Arthur Asa Berger [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Internet and Tourism—Part XXVI: Mobissimo
Rob Law [Publisher] [Google Scholar]