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Journal of Strategic Marketing, 17(1)

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Journal of Strategic Marketing 

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Customer retention: examining the roles of store affect and store loyalty as mediators in the management of retail strategies
Ipshita Ray; Larry Chiagouris [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An exploratory study of the influence of firm market orientation on salesperson adaptive selling, customer orientation, interpersonal listening in personal selling and salesperson consulting behaviors
Alfred M. Pelham [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The impact of internal and external market orientations on firm performance
Ian N. Lings; Gordon E. Greenley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Export segmentation effectiveness: index construction and link to export performance
Eva Foedermayr; Adamantios Diamantopoulos; Christina Sichtmann [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Customer relationship management strategic application and organizational effectiveness: an empirical investigation
Dean Elmuti; Heather Jia; Dane Gray [Publisher] [Google Scholar]