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Journal of Product & Brand Management, 18(1)

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Journal of Product & Brand Management 

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Consumer centered “brand value” of foods: drivers and segmentation
Gillie Gabay, Howard R. Moskowitz, Jacqueline Beckley, Hollis Ashman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Changing affective content in brand and product attributes
Marcus Abbott, Ray Holland, Joseph Giacomin, John Shackleton [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Impulse purchases of new products: an empirical analysis
Nukhet Harmancioglu, R. Zachary Finney, Mathew Joseph [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A step-by-step process to build valued brands
Peter Boatwright, Jonathan Cagan, Dee Kapur, Al Saltiel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Examination of satisfaction in cross-product group settings
S. Allen Broyles, Robert H. Ross, Thaweephan (Duke) Leingpibul [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A longitudinal study on Australian online DVD pricing
Hongyi Li, Fang-Fang Tang, Liang Huang, Fiona Song [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Plaiting pricing into product categories and corporate objectives
John Kehagias, Emmanuel Skourtis, Aikaterini Vassilikopoulou [Publisher] [Google Scholar]