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Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 96(2)

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Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 

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When Dreaming Is Believing: The (Motivated) Interpretation of Dreams
Carey K. Morewedge, Michael I. Norton [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Contrast Effects in Spontaneous Evaluations: A Psychophysical Account
Karl Christoph Klauer, Sarah Teige-Mocigemba, Adriaan Spruyt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Stereotype Threat Reinterpreted as a Regulatory Mismatch
Lisa R. Grimm, Arthur B. Markman, W. Todd Maddox, Grant C. Baldwin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Attentional Processes in Stereotype Formation: A Common Model for Category Accentuation and Illusory Correlation
Jeffrey W. Sherman, John K. Kruschke, Steven J. Sherman, Elise J. Percy, John V. Petrocelli, Frederica R. Conrey [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Fostering Partner Dependence as Trust Insurance: The Implicit Contingencies of the Exchange Script in Close Relationships
Sandra L. Murray, Maya Aloni, John G. Holmes, Jaye L. Derrick, Danu Anthony Stinson, Sadie Leder [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Targets as Perceivers: How People Determine When They Will Be Negatively Stereotyped
Daryl A. Wout, Margaret J. Shih, James S. Jackson, Robert M. Sellers [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

This Mood Is Familiar and I Don’t Deserve to Feel Better Anyway: Mechanisms Underlying Self-Esteem Differences in Motivation to Repair Sad Moods
Joanne V. Wood, Sara A. Heimpel, Laurie A. Manwell, Elizabeth J. Whittington [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Fit to Forgive: Exploring the Interaction Between Regulatory Focus, Repentance, and Forgiveness
Alexander G. Santelli, C. Ward Struthers, Judy Eaton [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Role of Interpersonal Perceptions in the Prime-to-Behavior Pathway
Dirk Smeesters, S. Christian Wheeler, Aaron C. Kay [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Motivations for Prevention or Promotion Following Social Exclusion: Being Rejected Versus Being Ignored
Daniel C. Molden, Gale M. Lucas, Wendi L. Gardner, Kristy Dean, Megan L. Knowles [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Distributing Prejudice Unequally: Do Whites Direct Their Prejudice Toward Strongly Identified Minorities?
Cheryl R. Kaiser, Jennifer S. Pratt-Hyatt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Not all Conscientiousness Scales Change Alike: A Multimethod, Multisample Study of Age Differences in the Facets of Conscientiousness
Joshua J. Jackson, Tim Bogg, Kate E. Walton, Dustin Wood, Peter D. Harms, Jennifer Lodi-Smith, Grant W. Edmonds, Brent W. Roberts [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Similarity and Assumed Similarity in Personality Reports of Well-Acquainted Persons
Kibeom Lee, Michael C. Ashton, Julie A. Pozzebon, Beth A. Visser, Joshua S. Bourdage, Babatunde Ogunfowora [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Thine Own Self: True Self-Concept Accessibility and Meaning in Life
Rebecca J. Schlegel, Joshua A. Hicks, Jamie Arndt, Laura A. King [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Why Do Dominant Personalities Attain Influence in Face-to-Face Groups? The Competence-Signaling Effects of Trait Dominance
Cameron Anderson, Gavin J. Kilduff [Publisher] [Google Scholar]