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Journal of International Management, 15(1)

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Journal of International Management 

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The impact of distance on knowledge transfer effectiveness in multinational corporations
Tina C. Ambos, Björn Ambos [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Knowledge transfer in MNCs: Examining how intrinsic motivations and knowledge sourcing impact individual centrality and performance
Robin Teigland, Molly Wasko [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The influence of national culture and institutional voids on family ownership of large firms: A country level empirical study
Subrata Chakrabarty [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

International joint venture partner origin, strategic choice, and performance: A comparative analysis in an emerging economy in Africa?
Moses Acquaah [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Making the locational choice – A case approach to the development of a theory of offshore outsourcing and internationalization
Jussi Hätönen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Understanding managers’ preferences for internal markets versus business planning: A comparative study of German and U.S. managers
William Egelhoff, Erich Frese [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Subsidiary-level determinants of global initiatives in multinational corporations
Christopher Williams [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Language and foreign subsidiary control: An empirical test?
Anette Björkman, Rebecca Piekkari [Publisher] [Google Scholar]