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International Journal of Tourism Research, 11(2)

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International Journal of Tourism Research 

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Extraordinary experiences in tourism: introduction to the special edition
Caroline Jackson, Michael Morgan, Nigel Hemmington [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Understanding and meeting the challenges of consumer/tourist experience research
J. R. Brent Ritchie, Simon Hudson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Myth, adventure and fantasy at the frontier: metaphors and imagery behind an extraordinary travel experience
Jennifer H. Laing, Geoffrey I. Crouch [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The comfort of strangers: tourists in the Australian Outback
Naomi Rosh White, Peter B. White [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Museum and art gallery experience space characteristics: an entertaining show or a contemplative bathe?
Charles McIntyre [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

What influences guests’ emotions? The case of high-quality hotels
Alexandra Brunner-Sperdin, Mike Peters [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Health or self-indulgence? The motivations and characteristics of spa-goers
Athena H. N. Mak, Kevin K. F. Wong, Richard C. Y. Chang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Has the experience economy arrived? The views of destination managers in three visitor-dependent areas
Michael Morgan, Jörgen Elbe, Javier de Esteban Curiel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Branding a memorable destination experience. The case of Brand Canada
Simon Hudson, J. R. Brent Ritchie [Publisher] [Google Scholar]