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Review of Marketing Research, 5

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Review of Marketing Research 

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Review of Marketing Research: The First Five Volumes
Naresh K. Malhotra [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer Judgment from a Dual-Systems Perspective: Recent Evidence and Emerging Issues
Samuel D. Bond, James R. Bettman, Mary Frances Luce [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Can You See the Chasm? Innovation Diffusion According to Rogers, Bass, and Moore
Barak Libai, Vijay Mahajan, Eitan Muller [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Exploring the Open Source Product Development Bazaar
Balaji Rajagopalan, Barry L. Bayus [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A New Spatial Classification Methodology for Simultaneous Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning (STP Analysis) for Marketing Research
Wayne S. DeSarbo, Simon J. Blanchard, A. Selin Atalay [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Methods for Handling Massive Numbers of Attributes in Conjoint Analysis
Vithala R. Rao, Benjamin Kartono, Meng Su [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Review and Comparative Analysis of Laddering Research Methods: Recommendations for Quality Metrics
Thomas J. Reynolds, Joan M. Phillips [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Metrics for the New Internet Marketing Communications Mix
Randolph E. Bucklin, Oliver J. Rutz, Michael Trusov [Publisher] [Google Scholar]