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Journal of International Consumer Marketing, 21(2)

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Journal of International Consumer Marketing 

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Erdener Kaynak [Publisher]

Culture, Time Orientation, and Exploratory Buying Behavior
Patrick Legohérel; Bruno Daucé; Cathy H. C. Hsu; Ashok Ranchhold [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How Young Adult Consumers Evaluate Diffusion Brands: Effects of Brand Loyalty and Status Consumption
Ian Phau; Edith Cheong [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Dual Influences of Moderating Variables in the Dissatisfaction Process: Theory and Evidence
Haksin Chan; Lisa C. Wan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Country-of-Origin Effects on Consumer Product Evaluation and Purchase Intention: The Role of Objective Versus Subjective Knowledge
Jin Kyun Lee; Wei-Na Lee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer Lifestyles and Adoption of High-Technology Products: A Case of South Korea
Hyun-Joo Lee; Heejin Lim; Laura D. Jolly; Jieun Lee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]