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MIT Summer Course in Discrete Choice Analysis: Predicting Demand and Market Shares, Taught by Moshe Ben-Akiva and others, Cambridge, MA, 8-12 Jun 2009

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The following one-week course, taught by Professor Moshe Ben-Akiva and visiting lecturers, will be offered this summer at MIT. Your help in forwarding this announcement to interested persons or groups is appreciated

14.61: Discrete Choice Analysis: Predicting Demand and Market Shares.

An in-depth study of discrete choice models (logit, nested logit, generalized extreme value, probit, logit mixtures, etc.) including their specification, estimation, statistical testing, forecasting, and application. Advanced topics include the analysis of revealed and stated preferences data, sampling, behavioral mixture models, simulation-based estimation, discrete panel data, Bayesian estimation, discrete-continuous models, choice from a menu, and models with latent variables. Learn practical tools needed to apply techniques, use free discrete choice software, and gain hands-on experience by estimating and testing alternative models using real data sets. http://web.mit.edu/mitpep/pi/courses/discrete_choice_analysis.html

Scholarship and discount opportunities are available for junior faculty and doctoral students. Please contact Tina Xue at Tinaxue@mit.edu, with any questions. Please forward this message to others who may be interested in these courses.