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Journal of Business Ethics, 85(1)

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Journal of Business Ethics 

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Examination on Philosophy-Based Management of Contemporary Japanese Corporations: Philosophy, Value Orientation and Performance
Yingyan Wang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Link Between Management Behavior and Ethical Philosophy in the Wake of the Enron Convictions
Shane Premeaux [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Bullying in the 21st Century Global Organization: An Ethical Perspective
Michael Harvey, Darren Treadway, Joyce Thompson Heames, Allison Duke [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Duality of Crony Corruption in Economic Transition: Toward an Integrated Framework
Peter Ping Li [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Noble Markets: The Noble/Slave Ethic in Hayek’s Free Market Capitalism
Edward J. Romar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Shaping of a Society’s Economic Ethos: A Longitudinal Study of Individuals’ Morality of Profit-Making Worldview
Walton Padelford, Darin W. White [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Implementing Supplier Codes of Conduct in Global Supply Chains: Process Explanations from Theoretic and Empirical Perspectives
Bin Jiang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Business of Business is the Human Person: Lessons from the Catholic Social Tradition
Lloyd Sandelands [Publisher] [Google Scholar]