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Service Industries Journal, 29(2)

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Service Industries Journal 

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Relationships and impacts of service quality, perceived value, customer satisfaction, and image: an empirical study
Hsin-Hui (Sunny) Hu; Jay Kandampully; Thanika Devi Juwaheer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The attribution of service failures: effects on consumer satisfaction
Victor Iglesias [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Methods for determining areas for improvement based on the design of customer surveys
Ching-Chow Yang; King-Jang Yang; Tsu-Ming Yeh; Fan-Yun Pai [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Competition, agglomeration, and performance of Beijing hotels
Eric W. K. Tsang; Paul S. L. Yip [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Off-shoring in the contact centre industry and employment in the North West of England
Frank Peck; Ignazio Cabras [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An empirical study of evaluating supply chain management integration using the balanced scorecard in Taiwan
Hsin Hsin Chang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The measurement of the construct satisfaction in higher education
Helena Alves; Mário Raposo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Gibrat’s law: empirical test of Portuguese service industries using dynamic estimators
Paulo J. Maçãs Nunes; Zélia M. Serrasqueiro [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Establishment of a performance-evaluation model for service quality in the banking industry
Shun-Hsing Chen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]