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Psychology and Marketing, 26(3)

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Psychology and Marketing 

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Introduction to the special issue on assortment structure and choice
Benjamin Scheibehenne, Peter M. Todd [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Satisfaction in choice as a function of the number of alternatives: When ‘goods satiate’
Elena Reutskaja, Robin M. Hogarth [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Testing the boundaries of the choice overload phenomenon: The effect of number of options and time pressure on decision difficulty and satisfaction
Graeme A. Haynes [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The effect of choice complexity on perception of time spent choosing: When choice takes longer but feels shorter
Barbara Fasolo, Floriana A. Carmeci, Raffaella Misuraca [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

What moderates the too-much-choice effect?
Benjamin Scheibehenne, Rainer Greifeneder, Peter M. Todd [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Size, entropy, and density: What is the difference that makes the difference between small and large real-world assortments?
Barbara Fasolo, Ralph Hertwig, Michaela Huber, Mark Ludwig [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Testing the tyranny of too much choice against the allure of more choice
Chris M. White, Ulrich Hoffrage [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Leaving the store empty-handed: Testing explanations for the too-much-choice effect using decision field theory
Ryan K. Jessup, Elizabeth S. Veinott, Peter M. Todd, Jerome R. Busemeyer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]