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Journal of Direct, Data and Digital Marketing, 10(3)

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Journal of Direct, Data and Digital Marketing 

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The current view and outlook for the future of marketing automation
Bruce Biegel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Competing on web analytics
Eric T Peterson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Marketing automation systems integration: The art and engineering to make it all work seamlessly
David Keens and David Barker [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Campaign execution: New technology platforms offer multichannel solutions
Robert Whitton [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Connected Commerce: The intersection of e-commerce and e-communication
Simone Barratt and Steve Davis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Marketing resource management: An investment that can energise your entire customer management strategy
David Newberry, Beth Weesner and Larissa DeCarlo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Next-generation campaign management: How campaign management will evolve to enable interactive marketing
Elana R Anderson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Internet: Will regulators cast their net over web advertising?
Samantha Shaw and Kathryn Graham [Publisher] [Google Scholar]