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Journal of Business Research, 24(2)

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Journal of Business Research 

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Introduction: Special issue on advances in brand management
Leslie de Chernatony, Cleopatra Veloutsou, George Christodoulides, Susan Cottam [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Brand defection in a business-to-business financial service
Svetlana Bogomolova, Jenni Romaniuk [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Interacting contributions of different departments to brand success
Leslie de Chernatony, Susan Cottam (née Drury) [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Brand extension feedback: The role of advertising?
Eva Martínez, Teresa Montaner, José M. Pina [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Brand relationships through brand reputation and brand tribalism
Cleopatra Veloutsou, Luiz Moutinho [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An ex-ante approach to brand capability valuation
Janek Ratnatunga, Michael T. Ewing [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Brand death: A developmental model of senescence
Michael T. Ewing, Colin P. Jevons, Elias L. Khalil [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The owner’s edge: Brand ownership influences causal maps
Johan van Rekom, Peeter W.J. Verlegh, Robert Slokkers [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Investigating the service brand: A customer value perspective
Roderick J. Brodie, James R.M. Whittome, Gregory J. Brush [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Does brand meaning exist in similarity or singularity?
Pierre Berthon, Leyland F. Pitt, Colin Campbell [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Antecedents of residents’ city brand attitudes?
Bill Merrilees, Dale Miller, Carmel Herington [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An investigation of determinants of counterfeit purchase consideration
Xuemei Bian, Luiz Moutinho [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Co-creating brands: Diagnosing and designing the relationship experience
Adrian Payne, Kaj Storbacka, Pennie Frow, Simon Knox [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Towards an identity-based brand equity model?
Christoph Burmann, Marc Jost-Benz, Nicola Riley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]