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Management Science, 55(2)

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Management Science 

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Top Management Team Diversity and Firm Performance: Moderators of Functional-Background and Locus-of-Control Diversity
Christophe Boone and Walter Hendriks [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Masters of War: Rivals’ Product Innovation and New Advertising in Mature Product Markets
Andrea Fosfuri and Marco S. Giarratana [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Supply Disruptions, Asymmetric Information, and a Backup Production Option
Zhibin (Ben) Yang, Goker Aydin, Volodymyr Babich, and Damian R. Beil [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Scanning the Commons? Evidence on the Benefits to Startups Participating in Open Standards Development
David M. Waguespack and Lee Fleming [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

SEC Rule 10b5-1 and Insiders’ Strategic Trade
Alan D. Jagolinzer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Performance Analysis of a Queue with Congestion-Based Staffing Policy
Zhe George Zhang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Dynamic Programming Approach for Valuing Options in the GARCH Model
Hatem Ben-Ameur, Michele Breton, and Juan-Manuel Martinez [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Modeling of Workflow Congestion and Optimization of Flow Routing in a Manufacturing/Warehouse Facility
Min Zhang, Rajan Batta, and Rakesh Nagi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Simulating Sensitivities of Conditional Value at Risk
L. Jeff Hong and Guangwu Liu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Maintaining Diagnostic Knowledge-Based Systems: A Control-Theoretic Approach
Alain Bensoussan, Radha Mookerjee, Vijay Mookerjee, and Wei T. Yue [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Complementarity Among Vertical Integration Decisions: Evidence from Automobile Product Development
Sharon Novak and Scott Stern [Publisher] [Google Scholar]