Industrial Marketing in a Guanxi Context


Special issue of Industrial Marketing Management, Edited by Cheng Lu Wang and Zhilin Yang; Deadline 1 Dec 2009

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Special Issue of Industrial Marketing Management
Call for Paper: Industrial Marketing in a Guanxi Context

Dr. Cheng Lu Wang, University of New Haven
Dr. Zhilin Yang, City University of Hong Kong

Deadlines of Submissions: December 1, 2009

Guanxi is a unique networking relationship rooted in the Chinese culture and has influenced Chinese business practices for centuries. Understanding the dynamics of Guanxi is a key to open the door to the largest emerging market in greater China. This special issue of Industrial Marketing Management encourages innovative research with strong theoretical ground and empirical rigor to explore following (not limited) topics:

  • Antecedents and consequences of Guanxi and related variables (trust, xinyong, ganqing, renqing, commitment, face, favor and reciprocity, etc.);
  • Guanxi dynamics and the nature of exchange;
  • The role of Guanxi in supply chain management;
  • Guanxi in decision making and marketing strategic implications;
  • The impact of B2B e-Commerce on Guanxi;
  • Guanxi as social capital in relational exchange and transaction costs analysis;
  • Guanxi, business performance and long-term satisfaction;
  • Guanxi as an institutional phenomenon and governance strategy in marketing channels;
  • Guanxi and legalism;
  • Guanxi marketing and ethics: the dark side of Guanxi practice in business;
  • Competitive advantages, contingencies, limitations and caveats of guanxi;

While current academic research on Guanxi is mainly focusing on greater China, the special issue also encourages studies of cross-nation comparisons.

  • Comparisons of Guanxi and Western concept and practices of relationship marketing
  • International strategic alliance in a guanxi context: cooperation, conflict and performance of joint ventures in China
  • When West meets East: Guanxi in cross-cultural marketing
  • Comparisons of Guanxi marketing practices across Asian countries/regions (e.g., Singapore, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc.)
  • Guanxi and overseas Chinese business and marketing

Manuscript submission and any inquires should be sent electronically to special issue coeditors, professor Cheng Lu Wang, at, or Professor Zhilin Yang, at, with a copy to the IMM editor at, For journal information and how to prepare the manuscript, please access Industrial Marketing Management’s Guide for Authors at the following URL: