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Journal of Public Affairs, 9(1)

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Journal of Public Affairs 

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‘There is a hole in my Bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza’: Reflections on Bailouts, Consumer Confidence and Public Affairs
Phil Harris [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Ethical issues in pro-social advertising: the Australian 2006 White Ribbon Day campaign
Robert John Donovan, Geoffrey Jalleh, Lynda Fielder, Robyn Ouschan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The relationship between NGOS and businesses in the public arena: An empirical analysis for Spain
Carmen Valor, Amparo Merino [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Issue management as a post-crisis discipline: identifying and responding to issue impacts beyond the crisis
Tony Jaques [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Obama: having nothing to fear, not even fear itself?
Michael Sommer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Selling Hitler: propaganda and the Nazi brand
Nicholas O’Shaughnessy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Beyond black and white – the public affairs of global crises
Tom Spencer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]