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Qualitative Market Research, 12(1)

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Qualitative Market Research 

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Five processes of response distortion: a model of response filters
Norbert Scholl [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Blind insights: a new technique for testing a priori hypotheses with qualitative methods
Eric D. DeRosia, Glenn L. Christensen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Targets of commitment in service provider-consumer relationships: a prototyping study
Tim D. Jones, Shirley F. Taylor, Harvir S. Bansal [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Exploring the origins of enduring product involvement
Peter H. Bloch, Suraj Commuri, Todd J. Arnold [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Rethinking assessment of marketing research skills and knowledge: a new approach
Madhav N. Segal, Edmund K. Hershberger, Talaibek Osmonbekov [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A hard look at hard laddering: A comparison of studies examining the hierarchical structure of means-end theory
Joan M. Phillips, Thomas J. Reynolds [Publisher] [Google Scholar]