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Journal of Consumer Research, 35(5)

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Journal of Consumer Research 

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Memories as Assets: Strategic Memory Protection in Choice over Time
Gal Zauberman, Rebecca K. Ratner, and B. Kyu Kim [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Power of Strangers: The Effect of Incidental Consumer Brand Encounters on Brand Choice
Rosellina Ferraro, James R. Bettman, and Tanya L. Chartrand [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Blackjack in the Kitchen: Understanding Online versus Casino Gambling
June Cotte and Kathryn A. Latour [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Marketplace Management of Illicit Pleasure
Christina Goulding, Avi Shankar, Richard Elliott, and Robin Canniford [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Lines in the Sand: The Role of Motivated Categorization in the Pursuit of Self-Control Goals
Cait Poynor and Kelly L. Haws [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Asymmetries in the Sequential Learning of Brand Associations: Implications for the Early Entrant Advantage
Marcus Cunha Jr. and Juliano Laran [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Psychological Distancing: Why Happiness Helps You See the Big Picture
Aparna A. Labroo and Vanessa M. Patrick [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Unrealistically Optimistic Consumers: A Selective Hypothesis Testing Account for Optimism in Predictions of Future Behavior
Robin J. Tanner and Kurt A. Carlson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How Inferences about Missing Attributes Decrease the Tendency to Defer Choice and Increase Purchase Probability
Kunter Gunasti and William T. Ross Jr. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Influence of Self-Construal on Impulsive Consumption
Yinlong Zhang and L. J. Shrum [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Effect of Brand Commitment on the Evaluation of Nonpreferred Brands: A Disconfirmation Process
Sekar Raju, H. Rao Unnava, and Nicole Votolato Montgomery [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Objective and Subjective Knowledge Relationships: A Quantitative Analysis of Consumer Research Findings
Jay P. Carlson, Leslie H. Vincent, David M. Hardesty, and William O. Bearden [Publisher] [Google Scholar]