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Journal of Consumer Marketing, 26(1)

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Journal of Consumer Marketing 

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Marketing medical implants: new challenges and concerns
Michael Mackert, Tracie Harrison [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Communicating healthy eating to adolescents
Kara Chan, Gerard Prendergast, Alice Grønhøj, Tino Bech-Larsen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Devil wears (counterfeit) Prada: a study of antecedents and outcomes of attitudes towards counterfeits of luxury brands
Ian Phau, Min Teah [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Two dimensions of attribute importance
Russell Smith, Brant Deppa [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Increasing elder consumer interactions with information technology
Michelle Hough, Andrzej Kobylanski [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Shopping for loyalty: an executive’s wish list
Bruce Kerr [Publisher] [Google Scholar] •