Revisit: Beyond the Dawn of Innovation


Hyvink??, Finland, 15-17 Jun 2009; Deadline now 11 Mar

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The 2nd
Call for Papers

"Beyond the Dawn of Innovation" ( brings together future-minded practitioners and academics. This BDI Conference contains competitive paper presentations, inspiring keynote sessions together with luncheon speeches, interactive panel discussion, and conference tutorial. Furthermore, special session proposals are welcomed. BDI2009 brings together the great minds of academics, business leaders, and other professionals from both private and public sectors to share and co-create knowledge on innovation-related topics.

Please submit your competitive paper manuscript at your earliest convenience before 11 March 2009 to

The submissions may include but are not be limited to the following sub-themes:

  • New Innovative Education Opportunities
  • Entrepreneurship as an Innovation Process
  • Innovation as Competitive Advantage
  • Scalability of an Invention
  • Innovation Efficiency as Firm Behaviour
  • Innovative Revenue Sharing and Business Models
  • Innovation Networks and Alliances
  • Developing Societies as Innovators
  • Best Practises in Innovation Processes
  • Innovation Management Policy and Practise
  • Innovative Service Concepts (including Public Sector)
  • Seamless R&D in Innovation Process
  • Incremental and Radial Innovation Strategies
  • Building Innovation Corporations
  • The Many Faces of Innovation: Knowledge-based, ICT-enabled Strategic, Open, New Product,
  • Sustainable, Social
  • Innovation as a State of Mind
  • Innovative Leadership and Creative Employee Behaviour
  • Innovative Organisational Culture
  • Facilitating and Sustaining Innovation Environments
  • Tools for Innovation
  • Idea Management
  • Commercialisation of Innovation
  • Breaking the Innovator´s Block
  • Creativity Busters and Boosters

Important Submission Deadlines

11.3.2009: Submission of competitive paper manuscripts
13.4.2009: Results from the peer review evaluation of the papers available
27.4.2009: Detailed parallel session programme to be released
9.5.2009: Final submissions of camera-ready papers with registration, and attendance fee

Guidelines for Authors

The competitive paper manuscripts must be 5 – 25 double-spaced pages in length tables and charts including. Accepted papers will be published in the printed, ISSN/ISBN identified, Conference Proceedings and in an electronic format on a USB drive. The papers must not violate any copyrights and they should be written in English. Author(s) are expected to submit together with their manuscript but on a separate sheet, a list of four experts for reviewing purposes including their names, full addresses and expertise in the subject of the submission. These experts must be personally unknown to the author(s) and at least two of them must be from a different country from the author(s). Upon acceptance, at least one author is obligated to register for the Conference and at least one author must appear at the Conference to present the paper.

BDI2009 Programme Committee

Professor, Entrepreneur in residence Alan Barrell, University of Cambridge, University of

Xiamen, Keynote Speaker and Senior Advisor
Professor Dhrubes Biswas, Indian Institute of Technology, Keynote Speaker
Senator Pierre Laffitte, Fondation Sophia Antipolis, Industry Practise Track Chair
Professor David C. Mowery, University of California Berkeley, Technical Track Chair
Professor Ursula Huws, London Metropolitan University, Best Practises and Applications Track Chair
Professor Ainin Sulaiman, University of Malaya, Research Track Chair
Professor Patrick Wang, Northeastern University, Conference Tutorial Facilitator
Development Director Jukka Ahtikari, Logica, Luncheon Speaker and Industry Advisor
CEO Jan-Henrik Johansson, WikiVision, Panel Discussion Moderator

Editorial Instructions for Preparing the Final Submission

The papers should be in .rtf or .doc format but the charts and images can also be in .jpeg or .xls format. The Proceedings will be printed in black and white, so using of textures in graphics is recommendable. Consecutively numbered and titled tables and charts should be placed at the end of the paper after references. Their placement should be marked within the text as follows: "Insert Table 1 here".

References must be in APA Style and carefully checked for accuracy. Publications must be cited within the text: (Riihela 2008) for articles or (Riihela 2008, 34-35) for monographs or citing both the names of two authors (Riihela and Hyttinen 2008), or (Riihela et al. 2008) when there are three or more authors. At the end of the paper, a reference list in alphabetical order should be supplied.

First page (Title page):

  • Title of the paper (Arial 20 bold)
  • Author, Affiliation, Corresponding Author information (Address, phone number and E-mail) (Arial 11 bold italic)
  • The papers should include a short biography of each Author (50-100 words)
  • Indication of which sub-theme(s) the paper indicates to (Arial 13)

Following pages (The paper):

  • Title of the paper (Arial 20 bold)
  • Abstract (Arial 10 italic, max. 150 words)
  • 3 Key Words (Arial 10)
  • Headings
    Heading 1 (Arial 16 bold)
    Heading 1.1 (Arial 13 bold)
    Heading 1.1.1 (Arial 11 bold italic)
  • Body text (Arial 10)
  • Table name 1 (numbered, Arial 10, above the table)
    Table text (Arial 9)
  • Figure name 1 (numbered, Arial 9 italic, below the figure)
  • Quote text (Arial 9 italic)
  • Indent (Arial 10)
  • References (Arial 13 bold title, Arial 10 references)

Submissions: Please submit your competitive paper manuscripts to

Contact Information: For further information, please contact the Conference Secretariat via e-mail

Organising Committee: For BDI2009 Organising Committee, please e-mail to

Conference Website: