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Public Health Issues Influenced by Consumer Choice, Special issue of Journal of Consumer Affairs, Edited by Marian Levy and Marla B. Royne; Deadline 1 Jun 2009

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Call for Papers for The Journal of Consumer Affairs

Special Issue on:

Public Health Issues Influenced by Consumer Choice

Special Issue Editors:

Marian Levy, University of Memphis
Marla B. Royne, University of Memphis

Consumer choices are directly related to public health. The nature of many illnesses or health problems relate directly to behaviors and lifestyles of consumers. Chronic disease risk stems from energy over-consumption and sedentary lifestyles, key factors in the epidemic of obesity and related chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and stroke. Other health threats include sub-standard housing, poor air quality, and exposure to environmental toxins. The urban built environment is linked to social factors, including poverty, racial segregation, and economic isolation. In short, consumers often have limited choices due to their physical and social environment, and these limited choices often impact their health.

Therefore, manuscripts are being solicited for the 2010 issue of The Journal of Consumer Affairs devoted to the theoretical and practical knowledge of how consumers obtain, process, and utilize health information in the context of their social and physical environment. We seek contributions from multiple disciplines including public health, communications, consumer education, public policy, psychology and marketing. Authors may submit empirical studies or conceptual work. Papers that are theoretically grounded and also contain significant implications for consumer welfare are especially appropriate.

Topics that would be appropriate for this special issue include, but are not limited to:

  • The impact of effective marketing and advertising practices on public health
  • Marketing & advertising strategies targeting underserved and at-risk populations
  • Social determinants of health that affect consumer priorities and decisions
  • Environmental factors (e.g., pollution, water quality, building safety) that influence consumer health
  • Environmental improvements that expand consumer options and promote health
  • The effect of product cost and availability on obesity and concomitant chronic diseases
  • Access to goods & services that impact health

Submission Information

Manuscripts are due by June 1, 2009. Please follow the submission guidelines for The Journal of Consumer Affairs as detailed under "JCA Author Guidelines" on the Blackwell Publishing web site ( Authors wishing to submit a manuscript should send two (2) electronic copies of their manuscript (one with the full title page and one copy cleaned of all information that identifies the authors) to either of the special issue co-editors:

Marla B. Royne, Ph.D.
Department of Marketing & Supply Chain Management
University of Memphis
Memphis, TN 38152
(901) 678-2499 (phone)

Marian Levy, Dr. P.H., R.D.
School of Public Health
University of Memphis
Memphis, TN 38152
(901) 678-4514 (phone)