Revisit: AMA Winter 2009


American Marketing Association 2009 Winter Educators' Conference, Tampa, 20-23 Feb 2009; Early bird registration deadline 21 Jan

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Don’t Miss This Year’s 2009 Marketing Educators Conference
Early Bird Deadline Ending Soon: 1/21/2009

The Winter Educators’ Conference is an important forum for current research and intellectual exchange. At, the 2009 Conference, invited manuscripts and special sessions will present evidence of empirical regularities, explore new theoretical perspectives, suggest practical implications of existing theory, apply new tools to marketing management, provide insights for research drawn from marketing practice and consumer behavior, highlight advances in marketing practice, and/or insightfully synthesize one or more important bodies of literature relevant to marketing.

In addition to these insightful sessions, the conference offers an excellent opportunity to network with colleagues, learn from others, participate in discussions and really connect with other’s in the community or in your area of expertise.


Moderator’s Comments

Lynn Brown asked me to add a note here — Winter AMA is quite a bit more intimate and cognitive than it’s Summer sibling. If you haven’t given it a try yet, I think you will be quite impressed at the quality of the people, the presentations and the productive networking opportunities. With the recent Euro-Dollar exchange rate, I would expect to again see a great contingent from Europe and Asia. Finally, I can’t help but add that it could be 70 degrees (F) warmer than the current tempature outside your office at this moment. Just a thought. – ch]