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Teaching Service and Retail Operations Management, Special issue of INFORMS Transactions on Education, Edited by Zeynep Aksin Karaesmen and Nicole DeHoratius; Deadline 1 Jul 2009

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INFORMS Transactions on Education
Special Issue: Teaching Service and Retail Operations Management

Call for Papers

This special issue seeks to highlight advances in teaching service operations management and retail operations management. The objective of this special issue is to provide a forum in which course materials and effective teaching practices within each topic can be exchanged. Faculty currently engaged in the teaching of, or planning to teach, either topic can benefit from the insight of others, particularly those who have previously taught or have developed materials for such courses.

Increasing interest among faculty and students in courses on service operations reflects the growing contribution of services to modern economies. Many services are designed, produced, distributed, and consumed by, or in the presence of, customers. Hence, the study of service operations requires a multi-disciplinary approach; an approach that combines design, engineering, operations, marketing, and human resource management. This special issue will emphasize examples of multi-disciplinary approaches to teaching service operations.

Retailing offers a compelling service setting in which to explore operations management, not only because retailing is a sector of high growth but also because it is a setting accessible to all students. Students, as consumers, are able to observe the execution of operational decisions such as assortment choice and product availability, and can readily bring these observations to the classroom. Moreover, retailing is a rich setting in which to investigate the marketing-operations interface because it represents the point at which the supply chain and end customer meet.

On both topics, we will be looking for submissions in the following categories:

  • A new case, game or set of exercises developed for teaching service and/or retail management. This may also include a unique and interesting data set that is used in class. All student and educator material such as data, solution files, and teaching notes should be included, as well as clear guidelines about teaching goals, timing, positioning in the curriculum, and guidelines for discussion.
  • The description of an innovative module or session on retail operations management developed and taught as part of a particular course/educational program, particularly if it entails a novel pedagogical approach.
  • 3. The description of a novel service and/or retail (operations) management course that has been taught at a given institution, including syllabus and references, a discussion on the focus/theme of the course, choice and sequence of topics and applications, fit in the curriculum, and challenges and lessons learned in the process. For the first two categories, the paper should provide sufficient detail to be used off the shelf by readers interested in adopting the material. For the last category, the paper should provide enough guidance regarding what works and what doesn’t work to help those interested in teaching such a course in making their choices. The deadline for paper submission is 1 July 2009. Paper submissions should follow INFORMS Transactions on Education guidelines ( and should be sent via email to one of the two guest editors identified below.

    Zeynep Aksin Karaesmen
    Koç University
    College of Administrative Sciences and Economics
    +90 212 338 1545 (ph)
    +90 212 338 1653 (fx)

    Nicole DeHoratius
    University of Portland
    Pamplin School of Business
    +1 503-943-7282 (ph)
    +1 773-753-0815 (fx)