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Journal of Business Research, 62(2)

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Journal of Business Research 

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Anti-consumption: An overview and research agenda
Michael S.W. Lee, Karen V. Fernandez, Michael R. Hyman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Mapping symbolic (anti-) consumption
Margaret K. Hogg, Emma N. Banister, Christopher A. Stephenson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Purpose and object of anti-consumption
Rajesh Iyer, James A. Muncy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Anti-consumption and brand avoidance
Michael S.W. Lee, Judith Motion, Denise Conroy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Anti-consumption discourses and consumer-resistant identities
Hélène Cherrier [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Underdog consumption: An exploration into meanings and motives
Lee Phillip McGinnis, James W. Gentry [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Market-resistance and Valentine’s Day events
Angeline G. Close, George M. Zinkhan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Politically motivated brand rejection
Özlem Sandikci, Ahmet Ekici [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The rejection of brand hegemony
John G. Cromie, Mike T. Ewing [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Reprisal, retribution and requital: Investigating customer retaliation
Venessa Funches, Melissa Markley, Lenita Davis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer boycotts due to factory relocation
Stefan Hoffmann, Stefan Müller [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An evaluation of strategic responses to consumer boycotts
Ulku Yuksel, Victoria Mryteza [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Social marketing: A pathway to consumption reduction?
Ken Peattie, Sue Peattie [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Demarketing tobacco through governmental policies – The 4Ps revisited
Edward Shiu, Louise M. Hassan, Gianfranco Walsh [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Managing anti-consumption in an excessive drinking culture
Maria G. Piacentini, Emma N. Banister [Publisher] [Google Scholar]