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International Journal of Tourism Research, 11(1)

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International Journal of Tourism Research 

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Flows into tourist areas: an econometric approach
Félix-Angel Grande Torraleja, Agustín Muñoz Vázquez, María José Botella Franco [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Tourism demand response by residents of Latin American countries
Manuel Vanegas Sr [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Online and off-line travel packages preferences: a conjoint analysis
Michael Chiam, Geoffrey Soutar, Alvin Yeo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

To go or stay home and watch: exploring the balance between motives and perceived constraints for major events: a case study of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games
Daniel C. Funk, Konstantinos Alexandris, Yang Ping [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The development of tourist art and souvenirs – the arc of the boomerang: from hunting, fighting and ceremony to tourist souvenir
David L. Hume [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Supply chain in tourism destinations: the case of Levi Resort in Finnish Lapland
Rauno Tapio Rusko, Mika Kylänen, Rükka Saari [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Beyond sustainability: optimising island tourism development
Charles C. Lim, Chris Cooper [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Cruise sector futures: Exploring growth-related opportunities and challenges, 1st International Cruise Conference, 26-27 September 2008, Bremerhaven
Alexis Papathanassis, Philip Gibson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]