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Fredric Kropp seeks articles that can be used in an MBA marketing research class that discuss cross-cultural issues

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I am teaching an MBA course in marketing research at the Monterey Institute of International Studies. Since we have an international focus, I am looking for articles that I can assign to the students that discuss cross-cultural issues.

I’ve found a couple of good articles that are older:

Reynolds, NL, AC Simintiras and A Diamantopoulos (2003), "Theoretical Justification of Sampling Choices in International Marketing Research: Key Issues and Guidelines for Researchers, JIBS, 80-89.

Malhotra, NK, J Agarwal and M Peterson (1996), "Methodological Issues in Cross-Cultural Marketing Research, IMR. 7-43.

I am also aware of Kumar’s International Marketing Research book.

I would appreciate any suggestions for articles and will share the list.


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