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Psychometrika, 73(4)

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Random Item IRT Models
Paul Boeck [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Graded response model based on the logistic positive exponent family of models for dichotomous responses
Fumiko Samejima [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Nonparametric Estimation of Standard Errors in Covariance Analysis Using the Infinitesimal Jackknife
Robert I. Jennrich [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Model Evaluation and Multiple Strategies in Cognitive Diagnosis: An Analysis of Fraction Subtraction Data
Jimmy de la Torre, Jeffrey A. Douglas [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Regularized Finite Mixture Models for Probability Trajectories
Kerby Shedden, Robert A. Zucker [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Order-Constrained Solutions in K-Means Clustering: Even Better Than Being Globally Optimal
Douglas Steinley, Lawrence Hubert [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Manifest Association Structure of the Single-Factor Model: Insights from Partial Correlations
Maria de Fátima Salgueiro, Peter W. F. Smith, John W. McDonald [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Regularized Partial and/or Constrained Redundancy Analysis
Yoshio Takane, Sunho Jung [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Fungible Weights in Multiple Regression
Niels G. Waller [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An Efficient MCMC Algorithm to Sample Binary Matrices with Fixed Marginals
Norman D. Verhelst [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The CHIC Model: A Global Model for Coupled Binary Data
Tom Wilderjans, Eva Ceulemans, Iven Mechelen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Regularized Multiple-Set Canonical Correlation Analysis
Yoshio Takane, Heungsun Hwang, Hervé Abdi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

On Association Coefficients for 2×2 Tables and Properties That Do Not Depend on the Marginal Distributions
Matthijs J. Warrens [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

D.N.M. de Gruijter & L.J.T. van der Kamp (2008) Statistical Test Theory for the Behavioral Sciences.
Daniel Bolt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Book Review

PEARSON, R.K. (2005). Mining Imperfect Data: Dealing with Contamination and Incomplete Records. Philadelphia, PA: SIAM. vi+312 pp. US$70.95. ISBN:978-0-898715-82-8.
Waqas Ahmed Malik, Antony Unwin [Publisher]