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Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 16(1)

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Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services 

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An examination of consumer embarrassment and repatronage intentions in the context of emotional service encounters
Debra Grace [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

From spending to understanding: Analyzing customers by their spending behavior
Philipp E. Otto, Greg B. Davies, Nick Chater, Henry Stott [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Development of Finns’ price knowledge after the changeover to the euro
Anu Raijas, Ville Aalto-Setälä [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Investigating the dynamics of service attributes in multi-channel environments
Harold Cassab [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Customer acceptance of RFID technology: Evidence from the German electronic retail sector
Gordon Müller-Seitz, Kirsti Dautzenberg, Utho Creusen, Christine Stromereder [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When income matters: Customers evaluation of shopping malls’ hedonic and utilitarian orientations
Thomas Allard, Barry J. Babin, Jean-Charles Chebat [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How does shopper-based mall equity generate mall loyalty? A conceptual model and empirical evidence
Jean-Charles Chebat, Kamel El Hedhli, M. Joseph Sirgy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Efficiency vs. market power in retailing: Analysis of supermarket chains
Ricardo Sellers-Rubio, Francisco J. Más-Ruiz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Utilitarian and hedonic shopping value in the US discount sector
Jason M. Carpenter, Marguerite Moore [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Shopping value in online auctions: Their antecedents and outcomes
Min-Young Lee, Youn-Kyung Kim, Ann Fairhurst [Publisher] [Google Scholar]