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Multivariate Behavioral Research, 43(4)

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Multivariate Behavioral Research 

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Modeling Individual Damped Linear Oscillator Processes with Differential Equations: Using Surrogate Data Analysis to Estimate the Smoothing Parameter
Pascal R. Deboeck; Steven M. Boker; C. S. Bergeman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Sample Size Planning for the Squared Multiple Correlation Coefficient: Accuracy in Parameter Estimation via Narrow Confidence Intervals
Ken Kelley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Mutual Suppression: Comment on Paulhus et al. (2004)
Carol Nickerson [Publisher]

Reconsidering the Use of Autoregressive Latent Trajectory (ALT) Models
Manuel C. Voelkle [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Distinguishing Between Latent Classes and Continuous Factors with Categorical Outcomes: Class Invariance of Parameters of Factor Mixture Models
Gitta Lubke; Michael Neale [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

SEM with Missing Data and Unknown Population Distributions Using Two-Stage ML: Theory and Its Application
Ke-Hai Yuan; Laura Lu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Special MBR Section: SMEP Student Paper Competition Abstracts
Joe Rodgers [Publisher] [Google Scholar] A Multi-Level Model of Individual Differences in Speed/Accuracy Tradeoff (SATin)