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International Journal of Internet Marketing and Advertising, 5(1/2)

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International Journal of Internet Marketing and Advertising 

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Postmodern paradigms and brand management in the ‘search’ economy
Ming Lim [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Antecedents and implications of search engine use as prepurchase information tools
Carla Ruiz-Mafe, Silvia Sanz-Blas [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Search engine loyalty: considering the commitment-loyalty link from a hedonic versus utilitarian perspective
Marion Garnier [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Investigating customer click through behaviour with integrated sponsored and nonsponsored results
Bernard J. Jansen, Amanda Spink [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Advertisers’ perceptions of search engine marketing
Heikki Karjaluoto, Hannele Leinonen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Developing an effective and affordable search engine marketing strategy for nonprofits
Dave McMahon, Charla Griffy-Brown [Publisher] [Google Scholar]