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International Journal of Technology Marketing, 3(4)

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International Journal of Technology Marketing 

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The consumer-human-like robot interaction framework
Penny M. Simpson, Jane LeMaster, Adesegun Oyedele [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Value creation through strategic alliances: the importance of the characteristics of the partners and the resources brought by them
Maryam Nasiriyar, Dominique R. Jolly [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Strategic cooperation for technology products through knowledge-based management learning: a case study on Randon Implements S/A, Caxias do Sul (Brazil)
Eric Dorion, Eloide T. Pavoni, Fernanda Lazzari [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A study of the diffusion parameters and marketing decision variables for a family of technological innovations
Udayan Chanda, A.K. Bardhan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Attributes affecting the growth of online banking: a consumer perspective
Kirti Dutta, Urvashi Makkar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Managing gerontechnological innovation in networks
Anna Karttinen, Timo Jarvensivu, Matti Tuominen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]